Fellow Robominer

⚡ Robomine has undergone more than 200 upgrades in the past with mainnet purpose to become RBMtoken, and then cooperate with exchanges, increasing capital flow as well as attracting new investors on the big exchanges. However, until now our efforts have failed.

☕ During the Robomine system upgrade on January 25th, 2021, we encountered major complications related to platform technical issues. IDs between November 14th, 2020 and January 25th, 2021 cannot be logged in, data after November 24th, 2020 are lost, and technical data are incorrect. 

✍ We know that investors have been worried and insecure during these times. Lots of effort and time were spent recovering the lost data, however, it was impossible.

Therefore, RBM's investment policy must also be changed to match the current situation due to the data loss error mentioned above. Investors with a wallet ID will be checked and compensated by us within our remaining project budget.
What you need to do right now is to fill out the form below so we can have your information. We will do verification to proceed with compensation.

✍🏻 Form: https://bit.ly/2SMRXw6 (Complete form to guide)         
📩 Time: From. June.22.2021 to 12:00 PM June.30.2021.      
📅 Schedule: After 15-30 working days from the end of the investor's information collection period. We will announce the payment plan from the remaining funds.     

The RBM leadership team would like to send our sincere apology to investors for letting this happen.
- Email: info@robomine.io
- Telegram Channel: t.me/Robomine_Channel_Global

Robomine team.