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The RBM Public Network

Powered by Pi-Network Core since 2017
The Robomine Public Network, launched in early 2019, is powered by Pi-Network Core, making it one of the fastest and most scalable Blockchain networks available today. Eight second block times, custom RBM Smart Transactions, and built-in RBM HTLC SmartBridge Interoperability between networks, the APN is at the cutting edge of Blockchain innovation.


MarketSquare is the new home for the decentralized Web. Powered by the RBM Public Network, MarketSquare is a doorway into the new decentralized economy. Use one intuitive portal to discover new projects, build community, recruit Delegates, earn bounties for contributing to open source development, and get support for your applications. It’s now easier than ever to join the Blockchain Revolution!

The RBM Coin

RBM 600M
$ 20M
Price (USD)
$1.018 9.59%
Serving as the native currency for the APN, the RBM Cryptoasset can be used to power a wide range of RBM-based products and services. The RBM Cryptoasset is also compatible with RBM HTLC SmartBridge. This interoperability protocol is designed to facilitate Atomic Swaps between assets within the RBM Ecosystem.

Manage Your RBM

Users may acquire, hold, and spend RBM with a variety of tools, service providers, and industry partners.
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Stake RBM, Earn Commissions

RBM Delegates act as validators that run the mAPN. By voting for your favorites or becoming one yourself, you can earn a portion of the forging rewards for helping secure the network. Participating in governance gives you a voice in the safety and direction of the network. Become a Delegate or learn more today!
The first platform to enable Stake users on a Mobile Blockchain Platform.

Join the RBM Community

RBM has a thriving community of users, developers, and innovative projects working together to build one of the most exciting Ecosystems in the Blockchain industry.


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